December 2012
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Leader or Finger Pointer . . .

Rhetorical Question – Will our President stand up and lead us away from the fiscal cliff by proposing an option that everyone can live with OR will he just point fingers like a two year old? The decision is his on if he will be a leader or a finger pointer.



There are some Santa’s that always bring good cheer.

Train and Tree

It is beginning to look like Christmas when the tree is up and the train is out.

Mt Rubidoux – Evening Walk

Knowing that the sun was going down soon, I woke up Elizabeth after she had been napping for over an hour. She was not happy. She even told me that she was not happy. However, I quickly put her in the stroller, and she gave me a smile. I soon whisked her out the front […]

New Wheels

As a child I spent time at my grandfathers home in Kaysville Utah when we went on vacation. One of my favorite places to go was to the “Farm” which was a plot of land that grandpa built a shop and storage building on. It was always a fun place to go.

I remember […]

Four Months Old – and just getting cuter

Elizabeth is now four months old and just getting cuter. She has made it past Thanksgiving and soon after Christmas and New Years she will be five months old. It is amazing how big she is getting. Before we know it, she will be crawling around the house.


Water Colors

It has been a couple of weeks from the last time I hiked in the Box Springs Mountain Park. The last part of the year has been dry and much of the annual vegetation has turned brown for the season. Even many of the perennials have shown signs of stress as the dry summer wore […]