October 2012
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Shave of the Day - Sublime Citrus and Musgo Real

Shave of the Day – Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus Luxury Shaving Cream, Simpson “Chubby” 1 Super Badger Brush, Giesen & Forsthoff, #500, 5/8 wide and Musgo Real No. 1 Orange Amber

Fall is upon us as the cooler weather replaces the hot summer that we have had. It is also the time where in the not too distant future the green fruit on our citrus trees will begin to show their color. As for the color of the have today, I decided to use one of my new favorites, Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus Luxury Shaving Cream. I have been using this shaving cream for about a month now with a Gillette safety razor. Today, I would check it out with a straight razor.

The brush I chose to use was the Simpson “Chubby” 1 Super Badger shaving brush. The Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus Luxury Shaving Cream will lather up well using most any brush as it has that ability to do so. I just really like the Simpson brush.

As I worked the Cyril R. Salter Sublime Citrus Luxury Shaving Cream into a nice lather, I took time to note the light citrus fragrance. It is a nice fragrance and is pleasing. The lather is rich and works well.

Today I was using a Giesen & Forsthoff, #500, 5/8 wide. As I have not been as active using the straight razor in the past few months, I took my time. With the slick shaving cream and a good edge on the straight razor, it was a pleasure to make my way across my unshaven face. I finished up with a clean shave and a smile on my face. I cooled off my face and applied a generous amount of Musgo Real No. 1 Orange Amber. What a wonderful shave with the citrus fragrance breaking through the grey fall sky of this morning.

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