September 2012
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Fish Creek Saddle

This afternoon I left for the Fish Creek trail head in the San Bernardino Mountains. After turning off the highway, it is a seven mile journey on a rough dirt road. When I arrived, there was one other vehicle parked at the trail head and a couple of guys dressed in camouflage in a truck out looking for deer. Archery season had started and they had their bows in the back of the truck. I talked to them for a few minutes. They said the chance of getting a deer was about five percent. That is like hunting for twenty years for one chance at a deer. Then they admitted it was not all about the deer. It was about getting out into the woods.

They drove on their way and I put my backpack on and hit the trail. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon. I had five miles to travel and about 1,800 foot in elevation gain to get me to Fish Creek Saddle at an elevation on 9,805. A little over three and a half hours and I arrived. I only saw one person on the trail who was headed down from a day hike. I set up camp and had dinner. As the sun set in the west over the tent, the sky in the east had an orange glow to it. Soon enough it was time to get some sleep for the night, especially with it getting cold outside. Nothing like a 40 degree night when the valley has been soaring in the low 100’s. There is nothing like getting out in the woods.

Sun setting in the West

The eastern sky

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