September 2012
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Box Springs Park - Ridge Trail

This morning I took the same route as last week. I started a little earlier as there was no cloud cover. The sun also is a little slower at getting up into the sky so I was greeted by more shade on the way up the Two Trees trail. The Spring Trail, being on a western facing slope also had some shade. However, from then on out, it was sun all the time.

Today I took a picture of Mt. San Gorgonio and Mt. San Jacinto in the east. The perspective was a little different than I an used to as I am usually lower in elevation and more to the North or South as Box Springs mountain blocks the view of either unless you are further West.

On of the things last week that intrigued me was the rock formation coming down the Ridge trail. Much of the rock is close to perpendicular to the horizon. You get used to seeing the strata in the rock being horizontal. In fact, strata is several layers of material layered on top of each other. In places the trail is going across the edge of the strata. The rocks show their strata and are weathered which accentuates the layers. Especially, when the layers appear close to vertical.

As for the hike I was 11 minutes faster than last week on the 6.25 mile hike.

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