September 2012
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Box Springs Park - Ridge Trail

This morning I took the same route as last week. I started a little earlier as there was no cloud cover. The sun also is a little slower at getting up into the sky so I was greeted by more shade on the way up the Two Trees trail. The Spring Trail, being on a […]

Bear steals iPad

I have fished at Jenks Lake. I have hiked in the mountains around Jenks lake. I have spent a week at Scout Camp near Jenks Lake several times.

Fishing at Jenks Lake in 2009

Yes we had bear problems at Scout Camp if we left smellables out. So yes there are bears in […]

Election Season Humor

Via Shall Not Be Questioned

Mt Rubidoux – Sunset

Tonight Emily, Elizabeth and I went out for a walk. The goal was to make it to what I call the windy place. As you go up the down road, you reach a point where you are on the west side of the small mountain. I always liked to stop there because it is one […]

Mt Rubidoux – almost

Tonight Emily and went on a walk to the entrance of Mt. Rubidoux. I have a geocache there that went missing. Elizabeth went on the walk with us. The evening was warm and by the time we got to the gates, which is about a mile away from the house, she was a sleep.


Morning Hike – Ridge Trail

Today I took my traditional hike up Two Trees trail and then up the Spring Trail. Rather than heading down the road at the end of the Spring Trail, I headed up. After getting close to the top of the ridge I followed one of the roads to one end of the Ridge Trail, marked […]

The Pirate - Robbing from our children . . .

This morning I posted about International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I thought it was a cute idea. Little did I know that with all that is going on in the world, our President would rather talk to a pirate and tell the world he has no time for Netanyahu. I guess the word for […]


Ayyyy Matey, it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. In fact, there are a couple of places around here celebrating the day. More information can be found at their official website This group even has a YouTube page and a yearly contest for those who what to create a video of themselves talking like […]

Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day. Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787. More information available at Constitution Day web page


This afternoon the my grand daughter Elizabeth took me to lunch. Of course, Janet, Emily and her husband Walter, Eric and his friend Alisha as well as Scott came along. Someone always seems to be missing from the picture so I did a quick stitch job to get everyone in.


Flash - San Gorgonio to Hayden Peak

Today was Operation On Target, a BSA event where Varsity Scouts go to mountain tops to signal each other with mirrors. Early on we received a signal from Hayden Peak, some 180 miles away. We were in contact via HAM radios to verify that we saw their mirror flash a signal at us. It was […]

Fish Creek Saddle

This afternoon I left for the Fish Creek trail head in the San Bernardino Mountains. After turning off the highway, it is a seven mile journey on a rough dirt road. When I arrived, there was one other vehicle parked at the trail head and a couple of guys dressed in camouflage in a truck […]

September 11

As I took a moment to remember this day in 2001, I thought of my shot drive to work where I listened to the radio in disbelief of what was happening. It still feels like something changed that day. Today I also thought of the opportunity I had to touch a piece of steel from […]

Box Springs Park

Today I hiked up the Two Trees trail to the road and then on to the Spring Trail. I took a picture showing Cucamonga Peak in the distance. From there it was back on the road and over to the Edison Trail. I then got to the Two Trees trail where I headed back to […]

National Empty Chair Day

Early in the morning the Boy Scouts put a flag in my lawn to celebrate Labor Day. I decide to leave the flag up and put out an empty chair for National Empty Chair Day. As I walk out front I first hand see the effects of the empty chair. It is sad that there […]