July 2012
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Mt. San Gorgonio

As the sun started to rise in the east, it was time to get up. In order to get to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio by 10 AM we needed to leave by 6:30 AM. A quick breakfast and we were on our way.

Within about a half mile we had a view of Dry Lake. It looks a like there is less water in the lake than last year. As for the trees, in the past ten or more years, it has been dry and lots of trees have perished due to the lack of moisture.

We arrived at the top about 10:00. We were able to send a mirror flash to Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Antonio as well as receive mirror flashes from them as well. No pictures of the flash, but a picture of Mt. San Jacinto.

We used our ham radios to talk to each other and coordinate signaling. It does not do those sending out mirror flashes any good if no one is looking. Calling on the radio to alert the other peak that you will be signaling lets them know to look. We had a couple of people ask us what we were doing on the radio. One was the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. They could hear us on the radio from Mt. San Gorgonio, however, there was no way to flash them through the haze.

We had some problems with the clouds as the day went on. No sun and no flash. About noon we started back to Fish Creek Saddle to get camp picked up. We then made out way down the trail to the trail head. Then there was the 7 mile dirt road that takes about a half our before you can get on the highway to head home. Made it home safely, after stopping at A&W for a large root beer float. It was a great trip.

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