June 2012
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Grandpa Passes

Grandpa Willard George Rogers was born the 2nd of June, 1912 in Kanosh Utah. He had his 100th birthday earlier this month. He passed away today and soon will be laid to rest in Kanosh. Just some quick pictures of Grandpa with his great grandchildren.

Emily with Grandpa and Grandma Rogers in 1990

Grandpa looking at a book of dinosaurs with Emily, Scott and Eric in 1995

Grandpa and Grandma Rogers with Emily, Lisa, Scott, Eric and Jacob in 1996

Uncle Alan, Grandpa, Scott, Eric and Jacob in 2008

Eric, Jacob and myself Great-grandpa Rogers in 2010.

Back in February of 1998 Scott was askid to write about one of his ancestors for a project at school. Scott wrote:

An important ancestor of mine is Willard George Rogers, my great grand father. He was born June 2, 1912 in Kanosh Utah. He is a little bit smaller than my dad and he is thin. He is 85 years old. My grandpa has a big house on a farm in Central Valley Utah. He grows tomatoes, carrots, onions, peas, beans, potatoes, lettuce and many other vegetables. We play hide and go seek on his farm. They give us lots of goodies and sugar and my grandpa plays Frisbee with me.

We will all miss Grandpa Rogers.

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