May 2012
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I took the opportunity to go to the range today for their monthly Bullseye shoot. The last time I shot the bullseye shoot was about two years ago I was using a Glock 35. Everyone else was using a .22 caliber hand gun. I must have spent 10 times what they did on ammunition.

A couple of months ago I picked up a Ruger MKIII Hunter. I made the decision to show up with a .22 caliber hand gun for the Bullseye shoot. When I showed up, everyone had a .22 caliber handgun except for the guy with the .357 who was shooting his own special hand loads. As a matter to note, everyone had a spotting scope as well. I was not sure if it was due to the average age of the participants or what. At 25 feet I could see the holes in the paper target. At 50 feet I could not. At 50 yards, there was no chance of seeing the holes in the target.

I did a lot better this time. I was in the top ten rather than the bottom two. As for the Ruger MKIII Hunter, it performed great. The long barrel helped in keeping the sights on target. It was a pleasure to shoot. It was also nice to see that there was always something in the 10 ring, if not one or two at the long distance, several at the shorter distances.

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