May 2012
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I took the opportunity to go to the range today for their monthly Bullseye shoot. The last time I shot the bullseye shoot was about two years ago I was using a Glock 35. Everyone else was using a .22 caliber hand gun. I must have spent 10 times what they did on ammunition.

A […]

Green and Growing

I have been busy gardening and not hiking this spring. Or should I say, only getting in a couple of five mile hikes a week in town up Mt Rubidoux. The mild 500 foot elevation gain is not much. As for some gains in elevation, I took a couple of pictures on April seventh and […]

Chasing Youth

It was a nice Sunday evening and I asked Jacob if he wanted to go for a walk. He said yes, when he finished a level on Roller-coaster Tycoon. Soon enough we were off to the base of Mt. Rubidoux. We got out of the car and walked towards the gate. Jacob put his ear […]

Circles and Chips

I have mowed the back lawn off and on for almost 20 years. I have mowed around in a rectangle shape or diagonally across. I have never used the crop circle approach. It is good to use a different path as not to create tire ruts from repetition. Perhaps on my next day out to […]

Show and Go – Friday Night

Tonight Jacob and I walked downtown towards the roar of hundreds of automobiles taking to the street for a Friday evening cruse. It reminded my of when I was younger and we used to drive up and down the same street cruising. The first stop for Jacob was the brand new Hyatt hotel. He had […]