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Mt. San Antonio - Snow Hike

Today Jacob and I went on a hike to the top of Mt. San Antonio, also known as Mt. Baldy with a group of eight others. It was the same hike I did on October 1st (Link Here) . Today was a little different as there was snow at the trailhead in the shade. After were were on the trail a short time we took a break. Jacob was not very awake, but I took his picture anyway.

We continued and could see the snow higher up on the mountain. In the shade there was some icy patches of snow that we had to pass. If you want to see a larger version of the pictures, just click on them.

Mt Baldy Trail

Another advantage of hiking in a group is that there are other people taking pictures. That helps so that I get into a few pictures.

We arrived at the Ski Hut for a break and to eat some snacks. The wind had picked up and it was cold. Jacob decided that a nap was in store so he found a sunny place protected from the wind.

As we moved on from the Ski Hut, we began to cross the front part of Baldy Bowl. It became apparent it was time to break out the traction aids. I used the Kahtoola MICROspikes Footwear Traction and Jacob used the Yaktrax XTR Extreeme Outdoor Traction. Jacob quickly put on Yaktrx which left him a few extra seconds to take advantage of me while I was making final adjustments. Teenagers and snow with a parent close by.

We got on the trail. Boy the MICROspikes made a difference. Before I put them on I was slipping on the crusty snow and ice that made up the trail. I said to myself, I spent 60 dollars on Microspikes and it would be foolish if I slipped and fell when I have them in my day pack. Jacob felt the same way with the Yaktrax on his feet so off we were, climbing up the trail.

Mt. Baldy Trail with snow

The terrain got fairly steep as we made our way up the the top of the ridge.

We soon arrived at the top, elevation 10,064. Off in the east you could see Mt. San Gorgonio at 11,499 with snow on top in the middle of the horizon and and Mt San Jacinto at 10,834 to the right or south of Mt. San Gorgonio. Nestled in the pass between the two peaks are the communities of Beaumont and Banning.

Mt. San Gorgonio and Mt. San Jacinto from Mt. San Antonio

Mt. San Gorgonio and Mt. San Jacinto from Mt. San Antonio

Jacob started taking pictures at the top. I took a picture of Jacob at the top taking pictures.

Mt San Antonio - Old Baldy

We sat down and had some lunch at the top. The wind was moving and it was cold. A little protection helped with the lunch activities.

Of course we could not miss out on a photo opportunity at the top.

In due time, we headed off the summit to make our way back down the mountain. We headed in a southern direction. You could see Santiago and Modjeska peaks in the distance towards the south. They are at and elevation of 5,689 feet 5,496 respectively.

We dashed down the hill with the faster part of our group. Jacob was quick to take up his favorite resting spot.

He waited there about a half hour for the others to get back to the Ski Hut. From there Jakob an I speed down the hill and made it home for showers and some pizza.

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