November 2011
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Festival of Lights and Rights

Tonight was the Festival of Lights presented by the Mission Inn. There are lots of lights and fireworks. This year there was also a surprise. After dinner, Jacob and I ran downtown to see the fireworks. It was not like “running” to the store. We literally ran. Nothing like a little after dinner exercise.

As we got closer the fireworks started. As we got closer the throngs of people became thicker and thicker. The light were amazing as they have been in the past 18 years.

We did a little walking around and I tried to catch Jacob with a smile, but I got the normal “why the heck are you taking my picture” pose.

We were following the parade. Yes there was a surprise parade. The Occupy Riverside crowd decided to have a little parade through the throngs of people. At the head to the parade was a tent that was carried high above the people. Then there was a line of people walking with some of them carrying signs. As they walked they were chanting some slogan. I had to get a picture of the “Festival of Rights” sign so we followed the parade into their encampment.

We then decided to take a tour around the Mission Inn. We came to an area thick with people. It was where the band was playing. As we got close they started playing the Doors. I was trying to get how “Light my Fire” was themed for a the Festival of Lights. Then again the have “Light” in common.

So we continued to make our way around the Mission Inn and found a fence with the Riverside Police Department (RPD) on the other side. I had to think to myself, the public cannot get close to the Mission Inn lights because they are protected by RPD. However, we have the Occupy Riverside crowd camping on the downtown mall.

Well there was only two things to do, either go home and get my tent and sleeping bag and protest not being able to get as close as I wanted to the lights or go home and turn on our lights. Sleeping at home seems so much more a rational thing to do. Jacob did the honors and plugged in the lights.

This year the lights were easy. Perhaps I should take them down at the end of this Christmas season . . .

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1 comment to Festival of Lights and Rights

  • Brett Stucker

    You have the right… to light… your pahhhhhh-ty (party, parody of the Beastie Boys).

    Sleeping at home is wise… Well said, Greg. I’m getting more annoyed with the “Occupy” nuisance every passing day… there are at least 3 million job openings in our country, for which employers say that they cannot find qualified applicants… how about they fold up their tents and hit the books instead to earn the qualifications??? It’s hard out there… (God, do I know it!), but we cannot sit out our… ahem, sleeping bags… and simply demand that someone else provide for us. Sheesh, I learned that before I got my Tenderfoot…