September 2011
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Shovel Ready

For the past three Saturdays, I have been hiking somewhere on this planet. This weekend was the work weekend. It started at 7:00 AM trimming the hedge on the one side of the property. Then it was filling in the holes left by Scott’s dogs. Of course, Scott had woken up by this time and […]

23 for 50 and 11499

Yesterday was my birthday and a birthday lunch was set up to celebrate. Janet and I met with Scott, Emily and Walter, Emily’s husband at Zacatecas for lunch. There was the obligatory centerpiece with the numbers 50 on it. I wore a necklace with 50’s on it as well. Lunch was good and Emily picked […]

Two Trees Trail

Today Emily and I had a little time crunch. We could not go on a far far away hike so we chose to do Two Trees. It was cloudy as we arrived at the trail head. The radio said that there were thundershowers in Orange County. We had ponchos if we saw rain, so we […]

Ice House Canyon

Today Emily and I had the chance to explore a now trail. We arrived at the trail head later than we would have liked to. All the parking spots were gone and we were left to park on the side of the road. No problem, dive a truck and park at extreme angles at the […]