July 2011
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Philmont - Tooth of Time

Some 36 years ago I had the opportunity to climb the tooth of time while staying at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp. The Tooth was a landmark on the Santa Fe Trail that let travelers know that there was two weeks remaining on the trail to Santa Fe. As a youth I elected to go with the group to Lovers Leap as impending thunderstorms may have caused the trip to the tooth of time to be canceled while climbing up to it.

On this past Saturday afternoon we began to leave Tooth Ridge campground to hike up to the Tooth and lightning struck in front of us about a quarter of a mile away. It scared the youth, one in particular was really scared. We opted not to continue up towards the Tooth of Time.

Within minutes we were deluged by rain, hail and wind. We were glad not to be on the trail towards the Tooth. The plan was then to get up to the Tooth for Sunrise.

We got up early the next morning and began our hike to the Tooth of Time. After sunrise on the Tooth, we packed up and headed down to base camp as it was our last day in the wilderness.

Tooth of Time at Sunrise

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