June 2011
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Making Lemons Great

I have been trying to get in better shape for the past few months. My weight is lower than it has been in years and physically I am in better shape and stronger. Occasionally, I will eat more than I should for lunch so I will have a can of green beans for dinner. Tonight Emily was over for a visit and she felt the same way and also had a can of green beans for dinner.

Turning the clock back several months, I did a little technical support for senior citizen that was having problems with her computer. The problem was solved and she said she would get me a pie for my help. I really did not think about it after that, until the phone rang last night. She was going to deliver a lemon cream pie for the help I gave her. I told her that she really did not have to do that and she insisted.

The pie arrived. Emily and I looked at it, both of us knowing that we had indulged ourselves earlier in the day and had eaten a conservative diner. I determine that I would be proper to have a small slice. Emily tasted the top and then the filling. She determined that she would also have a slice, albeit, a generous slice. I determined that I was not to be outdone, and had a second slice. When life serves you a Lemon Cream Pie – eat it . . .

Lemon Cream Pie

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