May 2011
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Not so Dry Lake

In the continuing quest to become a lighter weight on mother earth and prepare for this summers trek in New Mexico, a few friends and I went on an overnight backpacking trip. This weekends trip was to Dry Lake for the night and a day hike for the younger and more adventurous to the peak […]

Project Exercise

I have not jogged in a couple of weeks. I have been hiking on the weekends and will be backpacking again this weekend. I thought i would go for a jog tonight to get a little more exercise. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I beat my old time by about 20 seconds. It […]

Un-Forsee-able Future

Jacob and I set out on an adventure with another troop in the area that is going to Philmont Scout Ranch the same week as we are. It was their maiden voyage of sorts, the first training backpacking trip for the group. We meet at the Forsee Creek Trail head in the where we began […]

Working Man

Eric has a job. He has finished his training at Smart and Final and is now a contributing member of society. He has to go to work early some days, 6 AM and stays late some days, 9PM. It is a intriguing feeling to “sleep in” to 6:00 AM knowing that Eric is already at […]

Two Trees Trail to Box Springs Lookout

Today was a training hike to prepare the scouts for a Trek at Philmont Scout Ranch this summer. The hikers were Emily and Walter along with Scouts Trevor and Brandon. The plan was to take the Two Trees Trail up to the road and follow that to Box Springs Lookout. From there we would backtrack […]

Stepping it up – Running

I decided to step it up and start running. I am not getting enough exercise by just walking 4 to 5 miles a couple of times a week. When I go hiking up a steep grade I still get a little winded, especially when chasing children.

Monday night Eric and I ran and walked a […]

Free Your Endorphins - Two Trees Trail

I invited Emily to go on a short hike today with Jacob and me up the Two Trees Trail in the Box Springs Mountain Park. We made out way to the trail head parking and Emily started up her phone application to track the exercise. She asked if we were ready and I said yes. […]

More exercise

I really did not know how to title this one. Perhaps “Double Sunset” would have worked. The first possible sunset could be considered when opossum number two left this earthly existence early this morning. It has only been a couple of weeks from the time opossum number one was found dead on the concrete in […]

Sunset Walk - Mt. Rubidoux

This evening it started to cool do so I felt like going out for a walk. I did not intend to walk very far, but I was enjoying the light breeze of the evening. I meandered us Mt. Rubidoux as the sun was getting low in the western sky. I was a little intrigued that […]