April 2011
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Hiking and Geocaching - Sugarloaf Mountain

Today we went on a hike in preparation for our Philmont Trek this summer. As with any hike one need to plan and prepare. Part of the planning is to see if there are any geocaches available on the hike. We met at 7:00 in the neighborhood near the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in Riverside. We started our hike at about 1,200 ft.

Leaving the Blaine Street Park

We made our way up towards the peak. When close to the peak we found a geocache, Sweet Tooth – GC3930

After finding the geocache we made out way to the peak, 1,944 ft. In that area we found another geocache Happy Birthday Honey – GCDEAD

On top of Sugarloaf

Of course we did not go down the way we came up. We hiked down the north side down to an elevation of about 1,000 ft. and then to the west and around the mountain back to where we started.

Jacob and the other crew members on the way down from Sugarloaf

With today’s technology, you can see the route and the elevation. It was a fun hike. There are more geocaches in the are that need to be found.

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