March 2011
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Mt. Rubidoux and Venturing

Today Jacob and I met with the Mt. Rubidoux District VOA to hike Mt. Rubidoux and listen to a presentation on Leave No Trace (LNT). The VOA or Venturing Officer’s Association is for the local Riverside area. Jacob and I enjoyed the hike. Jacob took my phone and too a lot of pictures for the […]

Su Casa – Taking a bite out of problems . . .

In life there are times that you need to face you nemesis. A time when that which is good prevails over that which is bad, provided you have the proper resources. For example, the Su Casa Apartments have been a nemesis to the neighborhood for as many years as I have lived here and that […]

Little girl grows up

Today my little girl was married. It is a day that you think about now and then as you see your daughter grow taller and older. Twenty one years ago, it seemed like this day was forever away. Today it is here and watching a little girl eat her First Birthday banana cream pie seems […]

Is the Doctor in or out?

After taking a stroll on the boardwalk of Venice Beach I had to ask myself, is the Doctor really in or is he out? There were several places that advertised that the doctor is in and willing to write prescriptions. In fact they say, “‘Weed’ love to help you!” You can even join a club, […]