January 2011
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New Year and a New Program

I decided today was the day I was going to work on raising the bar of my physical fitness. I started my commitment yesterday by walking a mile. The tough part for today was going to eat right. I started the day weighing myself on the Wii. Then it was off to work. As I […]

Sailing out of the sunset

It was a nice January evening and there was a light breeze. We were working on the boats and I though I would take a break and go for a quick sail. The breeze was cool as the sun was setting in the west. It was nice to just get out and enjoy the relatively […]

Jacob turns 15

Last year I said, “You know you may be getting old when the baby turns 14.” Well, I do not feel any older than I did last year. Perhaps I am in a holding pattern. Nonetheless, the baby is 15 years old in two days. He wanted macaroni and cheese for dinner and a couple […]

A face of darkness . . .

Once it becomes dark out, the creatures on the night emerge. Then they try to get into my trash cans and knock them over. I thought I would share a face of darkness that only a mother could love.

A face of darkness . . .