December 2010
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Christmas 2010

Christmas morning is different with teenage children, even if it was the 22nd. Scott stayed up most of the night playing on the X-box and slept on the couch. Emily popped in our room with Jacob standing right behind her about 7:00 am and said, “Merry Christmas, where is Santa.” Our reply was, it is difficult for Santa to come when someone is up most of the night playing the X-box in 10 feet from the tree.

Emily and Jacob had set the table and were ready to get the day started. Scott on the other hand was ready to stay a sleep. Eric was indifferent to waking up. However, we all got up so we could open presents.

Scott and Eric

Emily and Jacob

As we were opening presents, Grandma Natalie called that her house was flooded. We had a lot of rain overnight. There was a lot of flooding through the city. One of the major roads through town had washed out. We let Natalie know that we were almost finished opening presents and then we would be over.

Scott, Eric and I grabbed some tools and made out way to her house. Water had built up in front of the house and had nowhere to go. We started digging trenches to get the water flowing from around the house. Soon the water had cleared out and we were headed back home.

Upon our arrival, breakfast was cooked so that we could take advantage of the table that Emily and Jacob had set. As soon as breakfast was over, Scott headed back to bed. When we got back Emily had put on her favorite gift, pajamas with feet.

Emly in her pajamas with feet

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