November 2010
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Turkey Hunt

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day. I am thankful for many things. My family is at the top of the list and is very important to me. The opportunity to give to others is also important. We cannot forget our freedom as well. There are many things that we can be gratefully for. There are many things that I have gratitude for and this is a day to give thanks.

So how does one start Thanksgiving Day? Some watch parades, some watch football and others go on a Turkey Hunt. What better way to start the day than hunt a few paper turkey targets.

Turkey Hunter in action

The paper targets did not stand a chance to the younger turkey hunter. With 50 shells the paper turkey targets did not stand a change. Eric shot 90 percent of the shells.

I preferred to practice on my paper turkey with a different firearm, something more classic than a pistol grip shotgun, albeit the shotgun would work better on live turkeys. Nothing like a pretty little Ruger Blackhawk in Colt 45 for a little nostalgia and paper turkeys says Thanksgiving. Thankfully we have the freedom to keep and bear arms. Additionally, I can take my son out and have a little fun. That is also something to be thankful for, even if he did burn through the shotgun shells.

Why a 45? Because they do not make a 46.

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