November 2010
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Geocaching Little Rattlesnake Mountain

Little Rattlesnake Mountain

It was a good day for exercise. I asked Eric if he wanted to go and his reply from his bed was no. He wanted to sleep. As for the hike, it was going to be to the top of Little Rattlesnake Mountain. The terrain is fairly steep and there was not a good trail from where I parked. I had to do quite a bit of bushwhacking to get up to the top. I kept my eye out for snakes and never saw one. However, I did get startled once. As I was intently watching the ground, I was buzzed by a small bird. I did not see it coming. I just felt it and heard it as it zipped past my face.

The first cache I grabbed was a puzzle cache named “Nipple.” It is a two year old puzzle that I have been trying to solve and not until recently I was given additional information to help. I knew how to solve the puzzle, I just was using the wrong starting point. The second cache was “Little RSM.” RSM for Rattlesnake Mountain. It was fairly easy to find once on the top. The day was nice with at light breeze. I made the grab and then descended back down the way I came up.

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