November 2010
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Curtain Closes

Tonight was the final “Road Show” performance. The Road Show is a 15 minute performance that includes the stage set up of props, doing the production and then taking everything off stage so the next group can get on. It has been a long five weeks preparing the props for the production. We created three 10 foot palm trees, one large tree, and three large rock/bushes. A rock/bush is a rock on one side that then you turn it around to become a bush. Additionally, there were signs, the Jacks Lumber prop and the 8 foot sail boat with a mast and boom.

I told the youth that were in the production that all the props, with the exception of the boat and steel poles to hold up the tops of the trees were to go directly to the large dumpster on the side of the building. The production went well and we grabbed everything and left the stage. The hours and hours that were spent in preparing the props came to an end as they filled the dumpster. We were lucky that we were on stage first because as soon as we were done the dumpster became full. The boat is back in the boathouse. The tools are back in the garage. Life is going to get back to something closer to normal. Sometime next week the props will continue their trip on the road to the nearest landfill. I do not have anything to paint tomorrow. Perhaps I can find something fun to do.

End of the show

I am also proud of Eric, because he was a great help through this production. He was there tonight to help me even with is being his 18th birthday. Props will come and go, but seeing you children making sacrifices to help others make a lasting mark in the world.

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