November 2010
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Work in Progress – Workstation

A year ago a friend showed me a large plastic box he purchased to work on his air rifles. The box had a couple of holders that came up out of the box to rest a rifle on. I asked to copy the pattern of the arms. I had some scrap lumber from an old […]

Turkey Hunt

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day. I am thankful for many things. My family is at the top of the list and is very important to me. The opportunity to give to others is also important. We cannot forget our freedom as well. There are many things that we can be gratefully for. There are many […]

Boar or Badger – That is the question

Eric has taken up shaving with a safety razor. He likes the way they shave. He really likes the Merkur Futur. The 1963 Gillette Super Speed was not quite aggressive enough. He will use it if he needs to shave quickly and wants to be assured that he will not get a nick. Knowing that […]

The Big Day – at least for Eric

The look of a concerned driver

Today we arrived at the DMV so that Eric could take his behind the wheel drivers test. We began by sitting in line to wait for a driving test administrator. We saw each driving test administrator come out, go to a car in front of us, do the […]

Geocaching Little Rattlesnake Mountain

Little Rattlesnake Mountain

It was a good day for exercise. I asked Eric if he wanted to go and his reply from his bed was no. He wanted to sleep. As for the hike, it was going to be to the top of Little Rattlesnake Mountain. The terrain is fairly steep and there was […]

Curtain Closes

Tonight was the final “Road Show” performance. The Road Show is a 15 minute performance that includes the stage set up of props, doing the production and then taking everything off stage so the next group can get on. It has been a long five weeks preparing the props for the production. We created three […]

18 years ago tomorrow

The children are growing up. Eric will reach his 18th birthday tomorrow. To celebrate we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que. We had a great time and the food was good. We started off with some nachos. Emily and Scott really liked them.

Disappearing Nachos

We also proved to be a thirsty bunch. […]

Opossum in the Net

Sometimes I get tired of these guys. We have delivered four of them to the park in the area because they found their way into the trashcan and could not get out. This one was lucky. Eric and I got a pair of fishing nets. We then moved the board he was behind and […]

Excessive Taxation

“Excessive taxation . . . will carry reason and reflection to every man’s door, and particularly in the hour of election” –Thomas Jefferson

I would think that some reason and reflection has been carried to the doors of many as witnessed by the election results. Unfortunately, the reason and reflection did not land as firmly […]

Project Delivered

Project Delivered

Tonight Eric delivered his last two tables. They are all in place in the lunch area at his school. The school art class chose the color of light blue through a vote. The white table is primer and the art class will be painting it. His project has been signed off and […]