October 2010
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Shave of the Day – Teen meets the past

The old style safety razor meets the new kid on the block

Tonight Eric came into our bathroom to shave. He usually shaves in the shower, but has not in a few days. He had is Gillette Mach III in hand and I let him know that was not the proper instrument. I reached for a Muhle Sophist R44SR Classic 3-Piece Safety Razor. The Muhle razor is a wonderful razor using the very finest chrome plating on the market. The handle is made from high-grade resin which is turned from round rods and polished. It is a beautiful razor.

Muhle R44SR

For this shave I put in a Merkur Super blade for Eric. He proceeded to shave his face. His technique was a little difficult as he has never shaven with a safety razor. He was amazed at how close the shave was. He did get one nick on his chin area. I let him know that I had something to stop the bleeding. I got out the styptic pencil, ran it under some water and touched it to his wound. He immediately jumped back. I said, “There you go, it has stopped bleeding.” His response was, “Yea, because you cauterized it.” I guess he was not ready for the burn of fixing a close shave. I always have said, if it cannot cut you, it cannot possibly be giving you a close shave. At lease Eric has now experienced a close shave. Perhaps he will not venture into our bathroom to shave again.

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