October 2010
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History Contained

The year was 1977 and our family was putting together some food storage so that we would be prepared for any possible disasters. There were several other families that were doing the same thing. My father put together a large purchase of the white storage buckets. Another person put together a large delivery of wheat. We purchased wheat, macaroni and several other things that were stored in white four and a half gallon buckets. As a kid, I remember lots of white buckets in the garage.

Move the clock ahead 33 years. I am looking for a few 5 gallon buckets for a church project. One of the members donated the three I needed. When I went to pick them up, the memory or all the white buckets and the large pile of wheat came rushing back. One the masking tape attached to the lid of one of the buckets was the year 1977. It has been a long time. I do have to say that I am happy that I am not a teenager any more. Those were difficult times. Then again, perhaps it is time to put up a few white buckets of my own in the garage. There may be difficult times ahead.

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