October 2010
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Shave of the Day – Teen meets the past

The old style safety razor meets the new kid on the block

Tonight Eric came into our bathroom to shave. He usually shaves in the shower, but has not in a few days. He had is Gillette Mach III in hand and I let him know that was not the proper instrument. I reached […]

History Contained

The year was 1977 and our family was putting together some food storage so that we would be prepared for any possible disasters. There were several other families that were doing the same thing. My father put together a large purchase of the white storage buckets. Another person put together a large delivery of wheat. […]

Driving Shoes

Emily was visiting the other day. As I walked her and she opened the car door, I took note of her selection of driving shoes. It appears that there is a pair of driving shoes for most any occasion. Ladies, start you engines and do not forget to choose the right pair of shoes.

Eagle Project – True Blue

Eric’s Eagle Project is winding down. It has rained on an off for the past couple of weeks. However, he scheduled a work day today and he had two shifts of painters. Three tables are the blue that the Art class chose and the fourth table is primer white. The art class will paint that […]


A good friend had four tickets to NASCAR and the boys wanted to go. I had never been to a NASCAR race and Eric said that you need to go at least once in your life. We got to the racetrack early enough to wander around and see the many exhibits. Every driver seemed to […]

Climbing Instructor Training

It is only Saturday evening and the weekend seems long already. Eric an I are taking the BSA Climbing Instructor class. It started Friday evening at 7:00 and we went home after 10:00 Today we met at the base of Mt Rubidoux at 8:00 in the morning. We put into practice what we leaned, setting […]

21 years ago tomorrow

It is amazing that time has passed so quickly. Tomorrow is Emily’s 21st birthday. She has grown so much in many ways. She is just plain old growing up. We celebrated her birthday tonight. We went out to diner and then came back home for presents and ice cream. She received two cookbooks, my favorite, […]