September 2010
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The Regatta and the Lady of the Lake

Today we had Riverside Community Sailing Program regatta at the lake. Sailing went well. Jacob came in second and I finished fourth out of eight. It was fun to get out and sail. As I finished up, lo and behold there was a new geocache published and it was in the lake. Lady of the Lake – CG2EJHN

J.A.P. was still in his sailboat. I hopped in a sailboat and flew to ground zero. We both looked and could not see anything. However, when sailing at “Ground Zero” (GZ) we would hit something in the lake or something would hit us. Of course, you cannot keep a sailboat still very easily, so we needed a different “Tool of the Trade” (TOTT). We left a buoy at GZ and sailed back to the dock and retrieved the rowboat and a couple of anchors.

Lady of the Lake

The full Team JIG was there for the return. Eric was at the oars. We looked and looked and finally Eric stood in the rowboat and felt like he was being looked at – the Lady of the Lake was staring him in the eyes. We made the grab, signed the log and sent the Lady of the Lake back into the lake.

Back to the dock after the find

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