September 2010
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As I read a post by Brigid, The Cabin, Lessons in Goodbye this morning, I reflected back in time on memories of times past. It seems that so often we are focused on where we are and where we are going that we fail to realize where we have been. Those past experiences are the ones that build the very foundation of who we are today. The time we have had with our parents and grandparents, some or many who have departed this earth. There are the places we visit as we grow up which have left an impression in our lives. There are the lessons that we have learned and the feelings that we have had in our youth that also build upon that foundation.

Looking forward out of the past

Our past experiences are all part of the foundation that makes us who we are. Even if the physical nature of the place or person upon which we have memories has been altered by time, they seem so tangible in our minds. I am just thankful that as I look back, there are happy and positive things that outweigh any of those learning experiences in which pain was a primary part. Yes, remembering my Father and the positive time I spent with him outweighs the time I crashed the car. Both are long gone, but I am thankful for the opportunity to learn.

Time, the stream and children move on

As time passes along the water in a steam continues to flows by. In that picture are our children, our parents or other that we know. Time continues to move on. Things are always changing. What we can look back on, or reflect on is the things that we have learned. We can reflect on the things in life that have helped us to grow. Hopefully, those experiences help all of us. For me, hopefully they help me to be a better teacher for my children so that some day in the distant future they can reflect on the happy positive things of the past to help them stand firm when life is not so easy.

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