September 2010
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Measure twice and drill once

Tonight the table and bench edges were routed. We then assembled the table tops by drilling pilot holes with a counter sink and screwing in the stainless steel screws. Of course, before the holes could be drilled there was a lot of squaring up of the table top and the supports that go underneath. The legs will bolt onto the supports and if they are not in the right position the tables will not go together easily.

Next will be the sanding process. Eric is inviting people over to sand tomorrow. We will see how that goes. As for the project, it has left the Alexander home and is nicely packed in the back of the truck. Before we left, Eric thanked Mr. Alexander profusely for his help. As we drove off he stated that he was thankful and learned a lot from Mr. Alexander. The project is all about showing leadership and learning new things.

Table tops built and bench tops ready to go

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1 comment to Measure twice and drill once

  • Nice. My Dad can’t “repair” much but he can make ANYTHING out of wood. All the cabinets in his garage hand made. I love to watch it all come together.