September 2010
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Sanding Bee

It was another work day in the life of Eric’s Eagle Project. Eric and I put together one table over this past week so that the scouts could begin sanding on it when they arrived. As the buzz of sanders shattered through the one hundred plus degrees of heat, the rest of us put tables […]

Cross Country

Jacob has joined the Beaumont High School Cross Country Team. In one way it is difficult to believe that Jacob is in High School. Well, he is and he is having fun. Today they ran against Hemet out by Diamond Valley Lake. Jacob did well and the team won best overall.

Beaumont High School […]

Powder Horn – weekend two

It was a fast weekend again at Powder Horn, a high adventure skills resource course or the Boy Scouts of America. The course is a six day course over two weekends and this was the second weekend. This weekend was at the Irvine Ranch Orange Education Center (OEC) we covered several more elements of the […]

Time Continuum

Another day passes and I have clocked another year on the planet. Thanks to the many who have wished me a Happy Birthday. There was also a special dinner for yours truly. Janet for getting date, time an place set up. Also thanks the the sly Walter and Emily that picked up the tab before […]

Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. A day to venture out, to explorer and to learn something new. After reviewing several photos by Trey Ratcliff, I could not help share his photo titled “Morning. Coffee. Yellowstone. Fog.” His website is […]

A day to remember . . .

I took time today to think about nine years ago on September 11. The disbelief at what I was seeing and hearing because it seemed all to horrible. The somber reality that what was happening was real and many people perished. May we never forget and be vigilant in the future to protect our County, […]

Measure twice and drill once

Tonight the table and bench edges were routed. We then assembled the table tops by drilling pilot holes with a counter sink and screwing in the stainless steel screws. Of course, before the holes could be drilled there was a lot of squaring up of the table top and the supports that go underneath. The […]

Measure twice – cut once

Today was the beginning of Eric’s Eagle Project. Time is flying towards his 18th birthday, so the work must go on. He had his project approved a couple of months ago. He wanted to do two picnic tables for his school lunch area. After meeting with the approval committee, he was doing four.

Today was […]


As I read a post by Brigid, The Cabin, Lessons in Goodbye this morning, I reflected back in time on memories of times past. It seems that so often we are focused on where we are and where we are going that we fail to realize where we have been. Those past experiences are the […]

The Regatta and the Lady of the Lake

Today we had Riverside Community Sailing Program regatta at the lake. Sailing went well. Jacob came in second and I finished fourth out of eight. It was fun to get out and sail. As I finished up, lo and behold there was a new geocache published and it was in the lake. Lady of the […]

Gone Green

Just after 9 PM tonight a new cache was published – Gone Green – GC2EHRT. The cache has a difficulty of four out of five. It also had a terrain rating of four out of five. Jacob, Eric and I rushed out of the house prepared for a First To Find (FTF). We arrived at […]