August 2010
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Powder Horn – weekend one

It was a fast weekend at Powder Horn, a high adventure skills resource course or the Boy Scouts of America. The course is a six day course over two weekends. This weekend we covered several elements of the Venturing Ranger Award. Friday started with Outdoor Living History elective. From there is it was off to […]

Out to sea

USS Stockdale

At 3:30 AM today Eric and I were driving to the local military base so Eric could join several other Sea Cadets for a day trip. For some invigorating morning conversation I stated, “It was just 12 hours ago and you were in handcuffs.” He said back, “I know, I still cannot […]

Hooked Up

There are some things that get funnier over time. This is one of those. However, to Eric, it was not a lot of fun. It all started when he, a couple of friends and several acquaintances went airsofting. A few dressed up for their game in camouflage. Eric and one of his friends was […]

Sailing and Vitamin D

It seems as though just over a week ago I was in and out of the North Fork of the Virgin River in Zion National Park. I an done with getting my feet wet for a few months now. For today, Jacob and I decided to stay on top of the water.

Sailing towards […]

Carmelized Bacon Buttermilk Waffles

Janet let me know that she was going to make waffles tonight. She found a recipe at Home on the Range that looked good. Janet and Jacob worked on the bacon and the batter and then Jacob did the cooking. My photo does not do justice to the flavor. They were great, especially with the […]

Willard George Rogers

Today Eric, Jacob and I had dinner with my grandfather and their great grandfather. Willard is getting up in years – about 98 to be exact. Earlier in the day Jacob and I visited and we told a few stories that made him laugh. He still gets around fairly well. We all enjoined his company […]

C W Palmer

When I was a youngster of about 11 years of age I stayed with my grandfather, C W Palmer for a week. I remember him telling me stories of when he was younger and herded cattle in the Grand Canyon.

C W Palmer

Today Eric, Jacob and I stopped by to see some relatives […]

High Adventure 2010 is over

High Adventure 2010 is over. In fact it has gone out with a bang – many bangs and flashes to be exact as well as some rain and hail. As we arrived several days ago we were greeted with rain. As a few of us were beginning to get up for the morning, a thunderstorm […]

More Mountain than Hiking

Zion Narrows

Thursday we set out to hike the Zion Narrows from Chamberlains Ranch to the end. There was also plenty of water on the hike. Walking in chest deep water as well as a few short swims were also part of the hike. Late in the afternoon it began to thunder with lightening […]

More Mountain than Bike

Today we went mountain biking on an intermediate trail. It should have taken two hours to complete. It turned into a four plus hour trip. There were a couple of crash and burns with a little skin left on mother earth. A couple of us has a mild case of altitude sickness and parts of […]

High Adventure 2010

I am off to a event filled week in Utah with Crew 6 and Team 6. Not much time to blog. However, more details can be found at the Crew 6 blog

Gas is cheaper . . .