July 2010
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Sea Cadet Graduation Day

The trip was made to Camp Roberts for the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps Pacific Southwest Region Eleven Graduation Day. Upon arrival at the location of the graduation, it was much like I had anticipated. A stage with bleachers on both sides. After a delay due to bunk house inspections, the cadets were on […]

Summer Time

It has been warm. Eric is off at Naval Sea Cadet boot camp. It has been quiet around the house without him. We miss his smiling face around here. He did write and we received a letter from him. To quote him, “Its all HARD work. I’ll be OK and when you pick me up […]

Mt. Baden Powell - Geocaching and Operation On Target

After spending a cool night under the stars listening to some yahoo chop wood several times during the night to keep his campfire going, we arose at 4:20 AM this morning. We made our way to Vincent Gap from the Blue Ridge campground. At Vincent gap there is this large parking lot and the trail […]

Geocaching and Scouting

Jacob and I made it to the Blue Ridge campground and quickly ate dinner. We asked if a couple of the other scouts wanted to go find a Geocache. We needed to put “Mike” a travel bug into a new cache location. Jacob and I have been there before. We let the two other boys […]

Drivers Education

Teaching a 17 year old boy to drive is always an adventure. Eric has 15 hours of time flying and airplane. When he only had a couple of hours driving we were on the freeway headed to Home Depot. I said, “Eric, what does the altimeter say?” He stared down at the instrument panel with […]

Healthcare for nothing

I found this at view from the porch and I thought I would pass it on. Something to get you going on a Saturday morning . . .

Family, Brass and Boats

Today was a great day. It started with the creation of empty brass with Eric, a BBQ lunch with Janet, Eric, Emily and several other family members, sailing with Eric and Emily and finished with another BBQ with Eric, Emily and Janet.

July 5th celebration


Happy 4th of July – 2010

I wish all a Happy 4th of July and a time for us to think about our freedom. The last verse of the National Anthem causes me to think. Are we really freemen or does our government seem to govern more of our lives? It is a war between our homes and the opposition, a […]

Mt Rubidoux and Exercise

Eric, Jacob and I walked up Mt Rubidoux tonight. It was much cooler than the day had been. We got a late start and the cover of darkness fell on us on our way down. The park will not be open for the 4th as they will be preparing for the fireworks display. The exercise […]