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Father’s Day – 2010

As it is father’s day, I had time to look back on father’s day just a year ago. My brothers Alan, Wayne. And Eric and I gathered around our father’s bedside. We talked about the years that had passed, the fun that we had. We talked about the river trip that we took together in 2004. The five of us had a great time.

We also realized that some of us were not going to be spending much time with our own families for this father’s day. For Alan, his family was in Utah. We were also missing church where traditionally the children sing a few father’s day songs for the congregation. Not to miss out on the opportunity, we sang to our father. That is probably one of the things I will remember most. It put a big smile on Dad’s face.


The year has quickly passed, I remember back to Dad passing away days after Fathers day. In some ways it feels like a year ago was a long time ago and in other ways it feels like last week.

As for Father’s Day for me, we started it on Saturday evening with ice cream and the opening of cards. Jacob, Eric Emily and Janet were present for the festivities. As for today, each of my children contacted me. Scott gave me a call. Eric and I spent time together as I took him to Fire Explorer Academy. He will be there all week and will be working with live fire. Jacob, Janet and I had a great Fathers Day feast and chocolate cake. Emily came by in the late afternoon after work and had cake. Jacob, Emily and I took time to spend together doing something we enjoy. What better to do than have a Father’s Day Regatta.

Dad is out in front and running down wind

It started out well with me in the front. Then I ran through some fisherman’s line and was passed wile trying to get the line off my rudder. Jacob had a sail issue and Emily helped him as I made it past them on our trip to the far side of the island. Emily and I made it out between the two islands, tacking back and forth to make it up wind. As our paths crossed each other we looked back and only saw Jacob knees sticking out of the top of the boat as he was stuck in irons between the two islands. We both turned out boats towards Jacob and found him unhappy as the boom had hit him in the head four of five times. Then it was twenty times, a stretch of the truth that we teased him about. We all sailed out of the tough spot together and spent the next hour floating around and talking. It was a nice Fathers Day.

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