June 2010
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Fire Explorer Academy – Graduation

Today was graduation day for the Fire Explorers that completed the training. I dropped him off last Sunday afternoon. The first order of business was following the instructions from Marine Drill Instructors (DI). It is a kind of team building ritual. Does the squad move the way the DI wants? it should. Do the DI’s […]

Fire Explorer Academy – Flames and Water

I went up to the Riverside County Fire Explorer Academy tonight to do a little volunteer work and then watch the activities. Eric was smiling and he looked like he was enjoying the day’s activities. He is pictured in front of the vehicle fire prop. Remember, that most of my pictures can be clicked on […]

Father’s Day – 2010

As it is father’s day, I had time to look back on father’s day just a year ago. My brothers Alan, Wayne. And Eric and I gathered around our father’s bedside. We talked about the years that had passed, the fun that we had. We talked about the river trip that we took together in […]

Riverside City Council Regatta - 2010

Today was the 2010 Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ. This year the Riverside Community Sailing Program was responsible for more of the event. The event went well. More information on the regatta can be found here. It was also a great fundraiser for the City Councilmemeber’s favorite charity as well as the Riverside Community […]

Scouter gone home

We were up early today to help out with a sporting event. As Eric and I waited at the first water and aid station along the bicycle route we received word that a dear friend and fellow scouter, Herman Ah Sue had passed away during the event. The event was canceled so we picked up […]

The baby escapes 8th grade . . .

When the baby of the family is on his way to High School next year, it gives one pause. It is a time to think of how the years have passed so quickly, a time to contemplate how a little cute child is growing up so soon.

Jacob at an airshow in 2002 […]

Sailing and Boat Testing

In a couple of weeks we will have the City Council Regatta where several of the City Councilpersons rack each other. As we prepare we need to make sure that we have a boat for the participants and the sail on their boat matches the ward they represent. Boat Seven was finished today and needed […]

Cherry Festival

Jacob let me know that he wanted to go to the Cherry Festival in Beaumont, where he lives, before I picked him up last night. I agreed, thinking that it would not take that long. We arrived, paid to get in and soon found the Dominoes Pizza booth to get a slice of pizza for […]