May 2010
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Emily and Sailing

This evening Emily let me know that she wanted to go sailing with a big smile. Eric went along in case there was a need for a rescue. He let us know that if we capsizes that he would get a row boat ans put it in the water and then leisurely row out to […]

Memorial Day

I wanted to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. My thoughts are with those that have served our country and have given their lives. Eric joined the Sea Cadets a couple of months ago. He has been out shooting machine guns, rifles and pistols with the reserves. Some day I will get some pictures to […]

Walking Mt Rubidoux

Emily, Eric and I walk Mt Rubidoux together about once a week. Tonight was a nice evening. We made it up and back in just over 50 minutes for the 3.45 mile trip. We talk, text and answer phone calls. It is really a test to see if you can keep you breathing down at […]

Job Finished - Eagle Project

Today Jacob lead his team of hard workers in the construction phase. A few pieces of lumber needed to be cut for the corner braces. However, the majority of the work was screwing the Sabot racks together. After 5 hours and a lot of pushing to keep the bit in the screw head with an […]

Paint and Play

Today we started the day picking up the last of the lumber needed for Jacobs Eagle Scout Project. He is constructions boat racks to store the Sabot sailboats in the sailboat house at Fairmont Park. Today’s activities required cutting lumber and painting. Next project workk day will be construction. As for the cutting and painting […]

Eric - The Driver

Eric now has had his first behind the wheel lesson and has an official drivers permit. He does fairly well behind the wheel. The only thing he has really done wrong is roll through a stop sign in the Home Depot parking lot. Why you ask, he was following the car in front of him […]

A California Response

In regards to the controversy at a high school regarding students who were told to not show the American flag on their clothing or go home, what country or world do I live in? I fly the American flag in front of my home every day. Am I supposed to take down the symbol of […]