April 2010
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The Date

Eric came home from school on Thursday and announced that he needed a suit for a dance that he was going to on Saturday. We went out Thursday evening and purchased a suit, dress shoes and a white shirt. While we were at the store, Eric received a call from the young lady that asked him. Her Uncle, who is her guardian wanted to talk to me. He was a little surprised that his niece had asked a young man to a dance and that he was out purchasing a suit. I said that we were. I asked about the dance and apparently Eric’s date and her two sisters are part of the Kimberly Juniors. The older sister was going to graduate from the Kimberly Juniors and the dance was part of the activities. Eric arrived at the Redlands Country Club tonight at 8:55 for the dance. I will be back to pick him up at Midnight. As for the important part – the picture.

Eric and his date

UPDATE: As the evening wore on, Eric and his date became more comfortable. They even could provide a smile for the camera.

Smiles are brighter at the end of the evening

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