April 2010
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Sailing and Geocaching

As Eric contemplated his date tonight, I started the day with a brisk walk around the lakes at Fairmont Park. It was a brisk walk of 1.66 miles at 5.2 miles per hour. On my walk I was passing a man who had a fish on and he asked me to get his needle nose pliers. Without missing a beat, I circled around, grabbed them, handed them off and back on track I went. Then it was back to the Sailboat House to start working on the sailboats. We pulled them out and rigged them and put them in the water. Made a list of what was needed to get them ready for this summer and the youth sailing classes. Of course they needed to be tested.

Testing out the sail boats

When I got back in and we start putting the boats away. I got my Blackberry out of the truck and noticed that I had missed a call. Riverside Mission Florist had called at 1:47 and the closed at 2:00 and it was 2:43. I quickly drove to the florist. I called on the way and they were still there. Picked up the corsage and headed home.

Later in the evening it was slightly amusing watching Eric get ready for his date. The shirt, the tie, the jacket. It was all a step up from Levis and a t-shirt. Once he was all ready, we got in the truck 30 minuted earlier than we needed to. I started the engine, looked at Eric and said, “Have you got the corsage?” With big eyes, he answered, “No” and ran back inside to get it. We arrived in Redlands early. As I got off the freeway, I stopped on a side street and turned on my Geocaching Navigator. The closed cache to pop up was GC24AD1 – First Date. I thought that was an only appropriate cache to find in the spare time we had. We looked for another, but it was muggle difficult so we moved on to a third and quickly found it. From there it was off to the Redlands Country Club for Eric’s date.

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