April 2010
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Today was a day that Eric has waited for. It was the day of his appointment at the DMV to get his learners permit. As we arrived, the parking lot was fairly full. I was surprised that we found a parking spot after driving past the line waiting to get in the DMV.

Line - a great example of a long line

As we approached the building, I was a little apprehensive to walk past the line of people. Our appointment was to 9:20 and we were there on time. We walked in and stood in a line for those that had appointments. He were checked in, given a number, and found a seat. We listened to the announcements and looked at the TV screen. I said to Eric, “How do you like sitting here and watching DMV-TV” as we waited. His response was, “If this is what it is like to be an adult, it sucks.”


Soon the magic number was called and we went to window four. Paperwork was done and he was given the test. As I waited I watched five other young people go up to the “corrections” counter and have their test scored. One young lady passed and the four young men did not pass. I asked the worker if that was normal. She stated that every day there are many young people that do not pass. One young man bragged about how he did not study and it would be easy. He messed 24 and accused the worker of using the wrong key to score the test. I guess, in youth there are many that know it all. For Eric, he stayed up late last night and read the study book. He was glad he did.

It is easy to pass the test if you listen to the advise, study first. Then again, there are lots of easy things in life, if we just follow the instructions and do the right thing. The other option is to stand in the line a couple of hours outside the building so you can get you number to watch DMV-TV and have the opportunity to take the test again. As for me, getting an appointment, having a boy that studied and pass the test was great news. We were on our way out the door at 10:00, a mere 40 minutes in total for the DMV experience. What would really suck is having to stand in the line outside the door.

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