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Canned Opossum

A few nights ago we left a couple of bags of old popcorn on the back porch. They were to make it to the trash can. However, before they made it, the bags became torn open and popcorn tossed across the back porch. I cleaned up the mess last night and wondered what had made the mess.

This morning I went to the garage to get some oil and do a little metal polishing. As I neared the garage on this beautiful spring day, I picked up a foul odor. It smelled like something had died. I moved toward the empty trash cans and lo and behold, another opossum. It was not a month ago we caught an opossum in our trash cans. They used to get knocked over so I put a hook on the fence that hooks a handle and keeps them upright. I blamed the raccoons, but it looks like the trash cans are an opossum thing.

What do you do with an opossum? According to the cookbook White Trash Cooking, there are two recipes, Aunt Donnah’s Roast Possum and Mama Leila’s Hand-me-down Oven Baked Possum. I kind of like the one where you sear your skinned possum in bacon fat. Bacon makes everything better – just look at the latest menu at your favorite fast food establishment.

I let him sit in the can for the rest of the day. Later this evening I liberated the possum. After he was liberated I looked in the trash can and there was evidence of who tore open the popcorn bags and spread it all ever the back porch. Perhaps the possum should not have lived another day.

Canned Opossum

If you are inclined to play CSI you can enlarge the picture and count the undigested kernels of popcorn.

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