April 2010
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Airsoft Warrior

Eric went airsofting with some of his buddies today. They play in an area that has taggers that come through and paint a couple of walls and buildings. So as they are taking a break, a Sheriff’s car shows up. It could be for the taggers as young men playing war games in a wooded ravine are innocuous.

So car number two shows up, then car number three and finally car number four appears in the area. Then one of the officers takes a M-16 out of his car. Two of the young men, dressed in Levis and t-shirts decide to walk up to the officers and talk to them, figuring that they should say something. They leave their airsoft guns behind.

They talk to the officers and let them know that they are airsofting. The officers let them know that there was a report of someone in a ghillie suit, you know, that fluffy suit snipers wear. There was also a report of someone with an assault weapon with a fore-grip on it. The officer asks for the two others to come out of the ravine. Out come a young man in a ghillie suit and Eric in his black BDU’s. The young men were admonished to keep their guns out of public view.

Eric the Airsoft Warrior

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