April 2010
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Today was a day that Eric has waited for. It was the day of his appointment at the DMV to get his learners permit. As we arrived, the parking lot was fairly full. I was surprised that we found a parking spot after driving past the line waiting to get in the DMV.

Line […]

Possible Targets

I was putting a friends chronograph in the truck this evening when I noted a disturbance from 30 feet away. As for the chronograph, it is a device used to measure the speed of a projectile. One from an air driven rifle or some other type of firearm. As for the targets, a pair of […]

Weekend Adventure - WFA & VLSC

Friday afternoon Eric and I left home to pick up Jacob and head to the mountains to Camp Emerson. Camp Emerson is near the city of Idyllwild and at an elevation of about 5400 feet. We know that it snowed a couple of days before we were going to be there so we were prepared.


The Date

Eric came home from school on Thursday and announced that he needed a suit for a dance that he was going to on Saturday. We went out Thursday evening and purchased a suit, dress shoes and a white shirt. While we were at the store, Eric received a call from the young lady that asked […]

Sailing and Geocaching

As Eric contemplated his date tonight, I started the day with a brisk walk around the lakes at Fairmont Park. It was a brisk walk of 1.66 miles at 5.2 miles per hour. On my walk I was passing a man who had a fish on and he asked me to get his needle nose […]


I have been exercising and walking to loose a little weight and be in better shape. Part of that is recording what I do and pushing myself to do more. As for today, I charged up the down road of Mt Rubidoux. It is steeper and a better workout. I then came down the up […]

Easter Egg Hunt - Geocaching Style

I picked Jacob up this afternoon and asked him if he would like to go on an Easter egg hunt. He said sure. We traveled to Jack Rabbit Trail off the 60 Freeway. When I made the turn off the freeway he gave me the look of, what type of Easter egg hunt were you […]

Airsoft Warrior

Eric went airsofting with some of his buddies today. They play in an area that has taggers that come through and paint a couple of walls and buildings. So as they are taking a break, a Sheriff’s car shows up. It could be for the taggers as young men playing war games in a wooded […]

Canned Opossum

A few nights ago we left a couple of bags of old popcorn on the back porch. They were to make it to the trash can. However, before they made it, the bags became torn open and popcorn tossed across the back porch. I cleaned up the mess last night and wondered what had made […]

Shave of the Day – Taylor Shaving Shop

Taylor of OLD Bond Street – Shaving Shop

Spring is in the air and the birds are singing. I reached for one of my favorites for today’s shave, Taylor of OLD Bond Street in the fragrance of Shaving Shop. The Taylor shave cream lathers up richly with the super badger brush that I was […]