February 2010
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Lunch Time Fun - Four on the Floor

Lunch Time Fun is always better when there is more lead flowing. As the lead flies, frequently it flies right through the can leaving it standing in place for another attempt at setting it in motion. When it does not, cans jump, get shot again as they are on the move and may get shot a third time before they come to a rest. How high can you make them fly? What makes them fly? It could be the Crosman NPSS with the Nitro piston in .177 caliber on the left. A nice scope and it really lets you zero in on the o in Coke. Then again moving to the right, there is the Hammerli Pneuma, a PCP or precharged pneumatic. It is the one you pump up while lunch is cooking in the microwave. Well, how about the next one to the right. This bad looking boy is the AirForce Talon SS, also a PCP or precharged pneumatic in the caliber of .177. It is the quietest one of the bunch due to some silencer technology in the larger barrel. This one usually gets pumped up a little earlier in the day so that lunch can be eaten while one is not breathing hard like the owner of the Hemmerli. Finally, the last one as we move towards the right, we have the Benjamin Discovery, a PCP rifle in .22 caliber. It is a classic looking air gun with the wood stock. It does not matter what your air gun of choice is, it is always Lunch Time Fun.

Four on the Floor

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