February 2010
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Finished Project

One project is finished and another two are still in the hopper. On Sunday Jacob soldered all the pigtails together and began testing how many BB,s each electromagnet would pick up. After several attempts to hold onto the magnet and count I offered Jacob a alternative way to do it. He pushed the button and lifted the electromagnet. I snapped a picture. We then viewed the results and counted BB,s on the screen of the computer monitor. Jacob then wrote up all the details and got an idea on how the basic layout was going to work.

I took half a day off work so we could finish the project today. I arrived at home at 11: 15 and what did I find? Jacob was a sleep. As he got up and got dressed I printed out the pictures and a large copy of what he wrote. We left the house, grabbed something to eat and went to Office Max for some rubber cement so we could adhere the information to the display board and a paper cutter so we could cut straight lines. We made quick work getting everything laid out. The finished project turned out well.

Finished Project

Not only does it look good, it works as well. Of course Jacob did not what to show his smile while modeling his hands. He has this fear of ending up on some blog.

Jacob showing how pushing the button makes the electromagnet work

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