February 2010
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Boy Activity - Springs

I walked out the back door yesterday and Eric and one of his friends were having some type of improvised weapons match. I could not really tell, they dropped everything when the door opened, except for the five foot piece of 3/4 in galvanized pipe Eric was trying to hide behind his back. I looked at the old box springs that needed to get thrown away and I saw two boys that needed a project.

I went to the garage and got a large crowbar and a sledge hammer. I asked them to destroy the box springs and put it in the trash cans. They jumped on the opportunity to inflict destruction on something in a flash. They also filled two trash cans.

Destruction under way

Then there was the old skateboard decks and a lawn with springs on it. They say necessity is the mother of invention. I cannot determine why there is a need to attach springs to a skateboard deck. But is was done.

Spring installation

And before long they were bouncing on the skateboard deck like a 6 year old jumping on the bed. I guess being a boy necessitates creating something new and different. You have to give them credit for doing something that was was not attached to a video monitor or television. Then again, they were recording videos of the tricks they tried doing with the spring decks. A real boy activity – destruction, creation and a video to boot.

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