February 2010
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Bad Hair Day?

Today as I was shooting the pellet gun during lunch, I determined that hair was getting into my eyes. I needed to find a solution. I had picked up some new shades. I thought that perhaps they could work with the hair for a new look. Even with the shades, hair was getting into my eyes. I consulted a family member that is an expert an fixing hair problems.

Bad Hair Day

This hair style works. No more hair in the eyes. I can actually see the front sight of my air gun without trying to see it through the hair. However, it was problematic. Being tall I have had problems with the headliner in cars being to low. Try being 6 foot 2 and looking out the windshield of a MINI-cooper. I tried one out once because I thought driving one would be cool. My line of vision was through the folded up sun visor and my head was millimeters below the head liner. I guess with the long hair as well with the hair in the upright position, I should stick with the Volkswagen Van. Almost picked one up to go with the shades, but that is a different story. Additionally, I did not want a hair style that looked like a front sight. So, plan B was put into practice. The results were much better.

Better Hair Day

There is another reason to get the hair cut shorter. That reason comes tomorrow.

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