February 2010
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Shave of the Day - Casbah Mint and Varon Dandy

Simpson Chubby 1 – Kell’s Casbah Mint – Dovo Razor

It was a rainy day her in southern California and I wanted a little change for the Shave of the Day. I chose Kell’s Original Hemp Blend Shaving Soap in the fragrance of Casbah Mint. The soap lathered easily and had a clean fragrance. […]

10th Anniversary

Today was the 10th Anniversary for Janet and I being married. A lot has happened in 10 years. As I look back, it has been a fairly quick 10 years. The little children have become teenagers and past. They are growing so fast.

As for the day, we had a wonderful day. Had to […]

Bad Hair Day?

Today as I was shooting the pellet gun during lunch, I determined that hair was getting into my eyes. I needed to find a solution. I had picked up some new shades. I thought that perhaps they could work with the hair for a new look. Even with the shades, hair was getting into my […]

Lunch Time Fun - Emily

It is always good to get out at lunch and do a little shooting. Today Emily joined us for Lunch Time Fun. Emily started out with the Sheridan Blue Streak in .20 caliber with peep hole sight. She proved capable and the cans starting falling from 40 yards. She next tried the Diana RWS 350 […]

Fiesta Pack

Taking teen age boys out for fast food is dangerous. It can be expensive. Then there is Eric that sold me on the value of the Fiesta Pack. Six bean burritos and six tacos. Enough to fill the kid up and a carry out box for that snack a couple of hour later.

Fiesta […]

Boy Activity - Springs

I walked out the back door yesterday and Eric and one of his friends were having some type of improvised weapons match. I could not really tell, they dropped everything when the door opened, except for the five foot piece of 3/4 in galvanized pipe Eric was trying to hide behind his back. I looked […]

Finished Project - 2

I cam put of my room this morning before 7:00 AM and lo and behold, it was Jacob in the house. He came for a surprise visit to work on the how to presentation. We worked on the presentation and went to Home Depot to get the prices of what is needed for his Eagle […]

Lunch Time Fun - Four on the Floor

Lunch Time Fun is always better when there is more lead flowing. As the lead flies, frequently it flies right through the can leaving it standing in place for another attempt at setting it in motion. When it does not, cans jump, get shot again as they are on the move and may get shot […]

Finished Project

One project is finished and another two are still in the hopper. On Sunday Jacob soldered all the pigtails together and began testing how many BB,s each electromagnet would pick up. After several attempts to hold onto the magnet and count I offered Jacob a alternative way to do it. He pushed the button and […]

Project Weekend

I received a text message from Jacob on Thursday that he needed to do a Science Project on electromagnets, build a display board on “How to build a rocket” and follow up on his Eagle Project planning. On Friday night we began by making a couple of electromagnets with 16 penny nails and some magnet […]

Taurus vs Accura - the outcome

I do not think there is a clear winner in the Taurus vs. Accura contest. I was sure that the other guys car was totaled. I had a fairly good idea that the Taurus was going to be totaled as well. I guess you would call that a fight to the death and both vehicles […]

Lunch Time Fun - Holes

Today was a beautiful day. The rain has made it difficult to get out and shoot at lunch time. It is fun to watch the cans jump to the beat of lead or a laptop’s old hard drive meet it’s end from 40 yards with a well places 22 caliber pellet. Pictures are worth a […]