January 2010
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Lunch Time Fun - The Sun

It has rained an awful lot here in southern California. Rain really causes a problem with Lunch Time Fun or in other words, a little time on the lunch time pellet and BB range. Of course their has been so much rain for so long, the rain got a few other things down. The sunflower in my back yard took a beating and was down for the count.

Sunflower beaten to the ground by an abundance of rain

I have taken the appropriate measures and added a support stake so that I can enjoy the bright blooms. Of course, the sun brings other things a chance to come to pass, Lunch Time Fun. It was good to get out and throw a little lead down range. The three of us hit Skippy the metal target squirrel several times without any luck. One shooter exclaimed that he must have rusted in the up position. A few seconds later, the RWS-350 Magnum put Skippy down for the count. Upon closer inspection there were several hits within a half an inch of the target zone. As for the fun, the cans were dancing in the sun and it was a great break from a long week of rain.

No can is left standing at Lunch Time Fun

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