January 2010
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Gunsmithing with a voltmeter

For weeks I have heard, “You need to buy me a new battery.” Eric has wanted a new battery for his M-4 Airsoft gun. He has some friends that have a little group that have airsoft combat. He cannot miss out on the action and he absolutely needs a new battery, at least in his eyes.

Today he tells me his battery is completely dead. I will not work at all. He has charged is for three days and it does not even work. I checked the battery and there was voltage. Voltage and not working, we must dig a little deeper. My first thought is to check voltage at the trigger and or motor. Eric started to disassemble his M-4. It looked like a fun project, so I decided to help. There were times that we did research on YouTube to determine the method of disassembly. I guess if it is a product that youth use, you can find something on YouTube. After disassembly, we could not find voltage anywhere.

I took a look at the basic layout and followed the path of the wires from the battery to the fuse holder – fuse holder – could it just be a fuse? Eric opened it up and I took a good look and exclaimed to Eric that he had a blow fuse. He asked, how I could tell. I replied, “If you look closely, It is broken; there is a gap in the middle. Eric asked if I had one. I walked over to the bin containers that were my fathers and before that my grandfathers, and there was a bin labeled Fuses. There happened to be one 20 amp fuse. Once the fuse was replaced, things started working.

Following the electron path and the old bin of fuses

Following the electron path and the old bin of fuses

We had a good time working together. It was a better use of time rather than listening to “You need to buy me a new battery.” I guess my new line will be, “How is your fuse feeling?”

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