January 2010
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Geocaching the Trail of Terror - Part II

If I remember right, it seems like most horror films have some continuation to them, so it is with Geocaching the Trail of Terror. This evening as it began to drizzle, I felt that it was timely to grab this cache. As we walked towards this cache, we stopped briefly to see if we could become unbambozled at the cache location “Bamboozled 6.”

No such luck, so we continued our trek and started looking for “Lunatics in the Riverbottom.” It began to be more than a drizzle as we continued our walk. We were now walking in sandy bottom of the river. I looked in the distance and though that I spied the cache location. As we got closer, we noted that it was a tribute. Could it be a tribute to some lost geocacher, or a tribute to some fool wandering the river bottom in the rain?

Riverbottom Memorial - Site of a lost Geocacher or some other lost soul

We made our way to ground zero and were successful in locating the cache. We made our way back to higher ground and considered ourselves somewhat safer on the Trail of Terror.

Jacob standing in the light rain in the riverbottom

From here we returned to Bamboozled and withing a few minutes located the one piece of bamboo that contained the cache in the large area that once was a small bamboo forest. Once all the bamboo is sawed off at about a foot from the ground, it becomes a challenge to find the one sawed off stalk of bamboo that contains the cache. Of course this was not our first or second visit here and it was nice to find this one.

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