January 2010
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Taurus vs. Acura

There are time in your life you wish you were in a different spot in the universe. For example, this afternoon, I wish I was not on Main Street stopped in the left lane waiting to turn left. If I was not sitting there thinking of getting a couple of chocolate shakes and a half […]


It is it a new word? Is it a new concept? Or is it what the Main Stream Media has been smoking for a couple of years? What else could explain the way some people have been acting. I just hope our nation gets back to reality and our legislators fix what will make all […]

Lunch Time Fun - The Sun

It has rained an awful lot here in southern California. Rain really causes a problem with Lunch Time Fun or in other words, a little time on the lunch time pellet and BB range. Of course their has been so much rain for so long, the rain got a few other things down. The sunflower […]

Jacob turns 14

You know you may be getting old when the baby turns 14. We had a party for him this weekend. After a dinner where he requested home made macaroni and cheese we were in for some activities. Janet wanted to do something different for Jacobs birthday so she purchased a pinata when she was at […]

Geocaching the Trail of Terror - Part II

If I remember right, it seems like most horror films have some continuation to them, so it is with Geocaching the Trail of Terror. This evening as it began to drizzle, I felt that it was timely to grab this cache. As we walked towards this cache, we stopped briefly to see if we could […]

Shave of the Day - West Indian Extract of Limes

Geo. F. Trumper West Indian Extract of Lime and the Clauss New Departure Razor

It was a wonderful day to have a good shave. A good night’s rest works wonders for the outlook on a day. I had the desire to spice up and brighten the day go I chose Geo. F. Trumper West […]

Shave of the Day - La Toja

La Toja of Spain

Today I decided to head to Spain for the Shave of the Day. The product is La Toja and they had soap many years ago. Form a web site, “The original name for this famous soap is ‘Sales de La Toja.’ La Toja is named after the tiny island off […]

Not so Lean

Several times a week, my lunch consists of a “Lean” frozen entree and water. How can a guy live off of a 300 calorie lunch? Well, I am and I am losing weight. What do I get in return? I get to eat what I want now and then. For example, I started my day […]

Lunch Time Fun - RWS 350 and Ford Tractor

As I was out doing a little plinking during lunch I could not help but notice what a beautiful day it was. The sky was blue, the air was warm and Skippy the metal squirrel target went down on the first shot. Hitting the right spot, a spot just over 2 inches in diameter, at […]

Gunsmithing with a voltmeter

For weeks I have heard, “You need to buy me a new battery.” Eric has wanted a new battery for his M-4 Airsoft gun. He has some friends that have a little group that have airsoft combat. He cannot miss out on the action and he absolutely needs a new battery, at least in his […]

New Years Day - 2010

As I awoke this morning I contemplated the New Year. A lot has happened in 2009 that has made the year bitter sweet. Scott passed his board of review to become an Eagle Scout. A couple of months later, Dad was diagnosed with cancer and shortly thereafter, he passed away. As with each day, I […]